I realize it has been quite a long time since I last posted, but I was a little busy graduating college! Yes. Gosh. …Anyways, this is a bighorn sheep skull (Ovis canadensis) surrounded by Canadian Thistle (Cirsium arvense), because wordplay is my favorite.

A redux of a little sketch painting from four years ago, made into a proper illustration. The images function as a group or used individually as spot illustrations. March 2014, watercolor & digital.

From a project on the Azores and their historical whaling trade (two things that I’ve sort of accidentally become very well-informed about), a spread and a spot illustration. This was my first attempt at painting the ocean on any sort of large scale with watercolors, and I think it turned out not half-bad. 

A mock-up cover redesign for Gerald Durrell’s My Family and Other Animals. I grew up reading and loving pretty much everything Durrell ever wrote, and this was the first book of his I read, so it has serious nostalgia value. (February 2014, watercolor & Adobe InDesign)

Sorry about the radio silence folks, I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t had a spare moment to update my web presence! Have some little spot illustrations of mushrooms to make up for it. All edible and all found in north america- it’s an informal guess-the-species game, since I uploaded the version without captions.

highcapacityassaulttits said: Are you considering or currently doing prints of the blue crab lifecycle painting? I know a few friends/old teachers that would love something like that!!!

I am definitely planning on adding them as prints on my society6, not to worry! I’m going to update the store with my more recent work probably sometime next week- I’ll post an update here when the new things go up. :)

chvvrch said: What paints and papers do you use for your illustrations?

I use Arches blocks (hot or cold press, depending on the illustration and the technique I’m planning for it), as I like the slightly off-white warm tone they have to them. For doing less involved stuff, the new Fluid blocks are respectably decent and inexpensive paper for quick studies/preliminaries.

As for paint, I use mostly with Winsor&Newton professional series, but I’ve also used and can recommend the quality of Schmincke (although it can be a little hard to find in the US- BLICK carries them now though). Additionally, we had a Sennelier rep visit our scientific illustration class last year to demonstrate their new line of honey-based watercolors (l’Aquarelle), and I’m a big fan, although I only have a few of their colors on my palette at the moment. 

The finished piece that these doodles were studies for; my final for Watercolor for the Illustrator. This was a very emotional piece for me, as the concept deals with the mental health issues I’ve been struggling with this year. It felt good to do, though.

The finish of my Atlantic Blue Crab life cycle painting. I might fuss around with the type design a bit more, but it’s done for now. [ETA: type changed somewhat.] See the work-in-progress here.

Saguaro cacti in bloom with the nectar-feeding Great Long-Nosed Bat (Leptonycteris nivalis). Done for a backlighting assignment in watercolor for the illustrator.